A Ukrainian has created a platform for IT job search that takes skills into account. Here’s how it works

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Due to the Russian invasion, most venture investors have stopped viewing Ukraine as an investment destination. However, even before this, each significant funding round was a big deal for the market.

Most people hope that the situation in the IT industry will change after the victory. We are all familiar with large companies or teams that have managed to raise investments. Articles and stories are written about them. But there are also decent projects created by small teams or even a single person. I’ll tell you about such a project. 

Olexander, a developer from the Lviv region, has created the DecisionWanted platform for IT job search and recruitment that takes skills into account.

How does the DecisionWanted recruiting platform work?

Actually, that’s the only question I asked Olexander. He has been working in the recruiting market for a long time and has already created local projects in this field. “With DecisionWantedI want to enter the global market — the idea solves specific problems of every specialist in this field,” he says.

The platform is based on the concept of a competency (or skills) matrix. Each published vacancy on the platform is such a matrix. The same skill has different weights in different vacancies, depending on the requirements for a specific position and the employer’s preferences.

For example, if you are looking for a job in marketing, social media management skill has more significance because it is an important tool for brand promotion. But if you are a developer, SMM skill is not required for you.

The system automatically analyzes the fit of job vacancies to candidates’ profiles and provides recommendations, taking into account the importance of skills, level, and experience, as well as dozens of other factors.

Obviously, AI plays a part in this. Algorithms check the competence matrix for relevance to the candidate’s or employer’s queries. After responding to a vacancy, the candidate and recruiter immediately receive an automatic report on the candidate’s compliance with requirements, which saves hours of live communication.

“Choose a vacancy and in a second, you will know whether your skills match its requirements. If you’re a recruiter, publish a job vacancy and instantly receive a detailed report of the compliance of available candidates with the requirements,” the platform’s description says.

Olexander believes that current methods for candidate search and selection are outdated. “The number of vacancies is decreasing, while the number of candidates in the search is increasing. It is difficult to review hundreds of resumes and understand that none of them fit. Therefore, situations arise, for example, where a job search system sees that a candidate has mentioned Java skills and recommends them for all vacancies where Java is required. But perhaps for a certain vacancy, Java is a secondary skill. Each vacancy is a unique competency matrix with unique requirements for candidate skills. Therefore, a system is needed that allows the employer to describe in detail the necessary candidate skills and their importance specifically for this position. The system compares this data with the candidate’s profile and provides targeted recommendations,” he says.

The system calculates the percentage of the candidate’s skills match, so the company only needs to make a decision.

Right now, there are over 1000 users (candidates and recruiters) registered on the platform.

The project’s mission is to build a global bank of candidate skills with the ability to instantly match jobs with perfect candidates. But for this, feedback from market participants is needed.

You can try creating a resume or finding an employee on the DecisionWanted website.


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