Receiving and providing recommendations

To enhance the perception of your profile among employers, it is recommended to utilize the built-in platform system for giving and receiving recommendations. Simply ask your colleagues to provide you with high-quality recommendations, which will significantly boost your appeal to employers. This functionality is available within your profile on the DecisionWanted platform.

Self-esteem is an important component of success in any field, but it is certainly not the only factor. Unfortunately, we often overestimate our abilities and possibilities, which can lead to the risk of undervaluing our work and making mistakes. Therefore, receiving recommendations from colleagues and acquaintances is extremely important.

This allows you to receive an objective evaluation of your work and know what needs to be addressed for improvement. In addition, recommendations can help increase trust in you in the professional environment, which is important for career development. Recommendations from people you have worked with allow potential employers or clients to understand what they can expect from your work and what qualities you possess. They can also help you find new opportunities for learning and development in the professional sphere.

Thus, if you want to develop professionally and be confident in your abilities, do not forget about the importance of receiving recommendations from your colleagues and acquaintances. This will allow you to receive an objective evaluation of your work, increase trust, and find new opportunities.



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