— a platform that automates the search for candidates for vacancies is a job and candidate search platform that is fundamentally different from other job boards with innovative features and benefits.

The main advantages of

  • Automatic job and candidate search. You don’t need to search for jobs or candidates yourself — the system will do it for you. The AI assistant works 24/7, searching for suitable offers while you go about your business.
  • Jewel-like accuracy of recommendations. The system selects the perfect jobs and candidates that meet your requirements. When you receive an automatic recommendation of a job or candidate, they will perfectly match the requirements declared in the job posting.
  • Detailed matching report. The system provides a detailed report on how a candidate matches the job requirements. This helps you see everything you need to know about a candidate in seconds and make an easy decision. The report will contain all the necessary information about the candidate’s skills and their compliance with the job requirements.
  • Skills recommendations. The system recommends which skills you should update to increase your chances of success. Each time you update your profile with new skills, the system can instantly offer you a perfectly matching job.
  • Digital resume. Your digital resume is the key element that allows the system to match you with the perfect job. But it is also effective in its own right – you no longer need to have an outdated static resume in PDF or Word format, as it will never be able to compete with your new interactive digital resume in terms of efficiency and information.

Do I need to look for jobs after I have posted my resume on the platform?

No, you don’t need to search for jobs after you’ve posted your resume on the platform. The system will automatically find suitable jobs for you and notify you about them.

Do I need to subscribe to the specialization newsletter?

No, you don’t need to subscribe to the specialization newsletter. Your profile in the system is your best subscription. Based on the information in your profile, the system will notify you of the most suitable offers.

Why is it important to include as many skills as possible in your profile?

The more information the system knows about your skills, the more likely it is to find the perfect job for you.

You don’t need to specify all 100-200 skills you have at once. It is enough to indicate your main skills when creating a profile. The system will automatically ask you to specify the rest of the skills from time to time.

The system analyzes the requests of companies on the platform, and if it sees that you are a potential candidate (partially suitable), then only then will it ask you to add the information necessary for automatic decision-making.

If you don’t know some of the skills the system asks you about, don’t ignore them. It is impossible to know everything. However, by honestly stating that you don’t know some of the skills the system asks you about, you will better explain to it which jobs to offer you and which not. This will save you a lot of time and free you from irrelevant offers.

DecisionWanted is a new generation system where you don’t have to search for jobs or candidates yourself, spending hours looking through existing catalogs. The system automatically finds suitable offers for you and does so with extreme accuracy.

For candidates (job seekers), it is enough to simply create a profile, then receive relevant offers, and periodically update information about their skills at the request of the system.

For employers, it is enough to post vacancies, and the system will do the rest for you. The system will automatically quiz candidates on the required skills and provide you with only relevant profile recommendations.

If you are looking for a recruiting tool that is unique in its effectiveness, be sure to try

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