Interactive resume on and its advantages over the traditional format is an AI-based job and candidate search platform for IT professionals. Creating a resume on the platform is just one of the tools for users that is quite popular, and now we will analyze why.

To do this, we’ll answer the question – what makes an innovative resume on better than a well-designed traditional pdf resume?

Spoiler alert: everything.

Dynamic functionality

A well-designed resume is static, dead information that usually does not contain the necessary data in the context of each individual job for which it is being considered. In contrast, a digital resume on the platform is a fully dynamic living structure that independently searches for ideal matches (vacancies) for you. Dozens of parameters are automatically taken into account, such as Level, Experience, and Weight for each skill. 

This level of attention to detail is unattainable in manual mode. 

Instant matching of skills

Each job is unique. The title may indicate that a Java developer is required, but it may additionally require 10-15 skills, each with specific parameters. It will take hours, if not days, to process your usual static resume. It usually doesn’t have all the information you need. 

You might be scanned and it turns out that you know Apache Ignite like a trainee with 3 months of experience, while the job posting requires an intermediate with 2 years of experience. This applies to every skill. Given the current labor market and the large number of candidates, your resume may not even get reviewed at all. 

Instead, makes this whole process happen in a second. All information is available instantly. If you meet the criteria, you will always be automatically in the first place for the recruiter. Here’s an example of a job posting and the right candidates for it:

resume ai

Works for you 24/7

The system generates these reports in real time, non-stop, 24/7. In other words, your digital resume automatically searches for the perfect match for you while you go about your business. And your usual static resume in pdf just “sleeps” and does nothing.

Recall that DecisionWanted is based on the idea of a competency matrix, which is designed in such a way that the system allows you to set different characteristics (level, experience, weight) for different skills when describing a vacancy. This allows you to get perfect matches between employers and candidates.

This way, you will have a modern, concise, and clear resume that works for you all the time – the interactive version will search for suitable employers and their vacancies. And for those who need a traditional resume in PDF, you can export it to this format.

And all this is absolutely free!

So don’t hesitate, sign up and create a modern, interactive resume on

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