Unlimited job posting

Your published job vacancies on the DecisionWanted platform are a key element in finding perfectly suitable candidates.Publish as many job vacancies as needed. There are no restrictions on quantity.

Immediately after registering a recruiter profile on the DecisionWanted portal, you will have access to a super-functional job vacancy creation form that will help you specify all the necessary parameters for precise searching of ideal candidates.

The job description can include any conditions you can imagine. You can specify any countries worldwide, citizenships, locations, languages, employment options, time zones, and much more.

However, the key element in each job vacancy is the declaration of skills required for a potential candidate. We possess information about all IT skills in the world – both soft skills and hard skills. You will be able to specify mandatory and bonus skills. For each skill, you can set a required minimum level and experience for potential candidates, as well as the individual importance of each skill for a specific job vacancy. You can indicate alternative skills for each position. For instance, do you require knowledge of [React or Vue.js or Angular] for a job vacancy? No problem! You will be able to easily set these and many other conditions while creating a job vacancy on the DecisionWanted platform.

Unlimited job posting and a unique search system

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