Automatic sourcing of candidates

The key function of working with the DecisionWanted system is the automatic search for suitable candidates. We are all accustomed to active sourcing, where you post a job vacancy and then start reviewing the profiles of potential candidates, deciding whom to invite for an interview. You can do the same on the DecisionWanted platform, but it serves as an auxiliary tool since the system performs this function fully automatically for you. This is what we call passive sourcing.

Once you publish a job vacancy on the DecisionWanted portal, our AI algorithms immediately begin searching for potential candidates. Candidates identified by the system are automatically surveyed regarding their proficiency in the skills required for the vacancy. After receiving responses from candidates, the system compares their profiles to the job requirements and, in case of a match, automatically proposes their profiles for your consideration, accompanied by a detailed report for each recommendation. In essence, you no longer need to spend hours reviewing available candidate catalogs; the system will do this job for you.

The algorithms take into account dozens of parameters in your job vacancy, such as the candidate’s knowledge level for each skill, experience using these skills, and their importance specifically for your vacancy. The accuracy with which the system performs this task is unattainable for manual processing. A human simply cannot handle such a massive amount of information. DecisionWanted algorithms perform this task almost instantly. All you need to do to activate this automatic search process is to post your job vacancy on the DecisionWanted portal and accurately declare the skills required for the job. Once the system finds suitable candidates, it will promptly notify you.Passive (automatic) sourcing of candidates for vacancies

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