Candidate recommendations

On the DecisionWanted platform, there are four different ways to receive candidate recommendations. You can independently select a profile and propose a vacancy. A candidate can express interest in your job vacancy and independently suggest that you consider their profile. A freelance recruiter can recommend a candidate to you, or you can receive an automatic recommendation from the system, which will be the most accurate.

Regardless of how you receive a candidate recommendation, the system will always provide you with an automatic detailed report regarding the profile’s suitability for the job requirements. It will be known which skills are essential for a successful candidate, which are a bonus, and which can be substituted by others. The significance of each skill for a specific vacancy will also be taken into account.

Expectations regarding salary, language proficiency, location, collaboration format, work schedule, and other parameters will also be considered. All this information will be included in the provided report, based on which you can make decisions regarding further steps with the potential candidate.


Candidate recommendations are accompanied by detailed reports

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