Fair prioritization of candidates for the vacancy

In today’s context – there are more candidates, fewer vacancies. There are so many candidates that sometimes over 100 specialists apply for a single vacancy. Despite all the capabilities of employers, it’s physically impossible to process all these applications qualitatively. Many minor details can be lost. For instance, there might be an excellent candidate, but some skills required for your vacancy are not mentioned in their resume. Because of this, you might not even reach out to them for clarification. But a candidate at an expert level possesses these skills; they just haven’t updated their resume.

On the DecisionWanted platform, such a situation is impossible. When you receive an application from a candidate, you immediately see detailed information about all the skills they possess that are needed for the given vacancy. The system automatically prompts the candidate to provide this information when they respond to the vacancy. This will significantly save you time on the preliminary selection of candidates.

Furthermore, the system automatically prioritizes the received applications, ensuring that candidates with the best fit are always at the forefront of your consideration. Just think about how many great specialists went unnoticed in the past simply because they responded late and ended up at the bottom of your list. With DecisionWanted, this problem no longer exists. When calculating the candidate’s profile alignment with the vacancy, the level of skill mastery, experience for each skill, and the importance of each skill specified during vacancy publication are all taken into account. This is precisely what guarantees that the best candidates will always be at the top of your list, even if they are slightly delayed with their applications.

Fair prioritization of candidates for the vacancy

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