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A resume is an essential tool for any professional looking for a job. It’s the first step to attracting the attention of a potential employer and receiving an invitation to an interview. 

The main purpose of a resume is to demonstrate your experience and qualifications by focusing on your achievements and skills. It should contain information about your education, work experience, professional achievements, skills and abilities.

You can create an interactive resume for free using the DecisionWanted platform. In fact, it is made almost automatically when you fill out your profile and add information about your experience and skills.

free cv maker

The platform will offer you to download the resume in PDF with or without contacts. But note that you will get more than just a file. Sending resumes in .docx or .pdf is a slightly outdated IT job search strategy. Profile on DecisionWanted becomes a modern, digital, interactive, and up-to-date resume that works on the platform and can be sent by a candidate to an employer simultaneously.

Let us remind you that the core idea of DecisionWanted is the competency matrix, which is structured in such a way that the system allows for specifying various characteristics (level, experience, weight) for different skills when describing a job vacancy. This makes it possible to get perfect matches of employers and candidates.

Thus, you will have a modern, laconic and understandable resume in PDF and an interactive online version, which will search for suitable employers and their vacancies on its own.

Every time your digital resume finds a suitable job for you, you receive a unique detailed matching report and decide whether to continue the conversation with the employer. Here’s an example of such a report.

The resume made by DecisionWanted meets all the criteria of a good resume.

  1. Clarity and laconism: the resume is easy to read and understand.
  2. Visual appeal: resumes should have a clear structure and a simple design.
  3. Personalization: the resume already has information about you, your skills and preferences.
  4. Availability of contact information.
  5. Information updates: update your information on DecisionWanted every once in a while, and your resume will automatically update as well.

Creating a profile on DecisionWanted helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for interviews, as it makes you carefully analyze your experience and skills, and focus on what makes you different from other candidates.

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