How to apply for a job on the DecisionWanted platform

In our previous article we explained how to post job vacancies on DecisionWanted. The platform offers recruiters a unique opportunity for a skills-based candidate search, and it takes very little time to start receiving applications from them.

Today, it is time for the candidates who have found a desired job vacancy and are willing to try for an interview to secure a new position.

DecisionWanted offers three ways to apply for a job.

#1 Applying yourself

This is the simplest method, which is not much different from what you have seen on other websites and platforms.

First, you need to select a job from the catalog.

When you find an interesting vacancy, click “Detailed Information” or go to the vacancy’s page.

After reviewing the job description, click the “Check Compatibility with Requirements” button.

The system will show you a pre-screening form to ensure your skills match the requirements for the job. The system remembers the entered data, so you will not need to provide it again when applying for future vacancies. Additionally, based on this information, the system will automatically suggest other perfect options that closely match your indicated skills and requirements.

Please note that not all skills are mandatory for the job. Therefore, for skills that you do not have or lack relevant experience in, simply select “No Experience” in the “Level” field.

There is not a single person in this world who knows everything, so there is no need to worry about it.

Once you fill out this form, the system will immediately generate a report showing the compatibility of your profile with the job requirements. Here is an example of such a report.

Based on the report, you will decide whether to submit your candidacy for consideration. During this stage, the application has not been submitted yet; it is a step for you to make a final decision.

If you are satisfied with the results, click the “Apply” button below the report, and your application will be sent to the employer for a review. Once they review it, you will receive a corresponding notification and can continue the conversation with them through the built-in chat.

It is important to note that the recruitment process on DecisionWanted is completely confidential. The employer will not see your private information unless you provide it. If you feel comfortable during the conversation with the employer and are ready to proceed, click the “Open Your Contact Information” button, and the employer will see your full name and contact details.

#2 Employer’s offer

If the employer likes your profile, they may offer you a job. Immediately after that, you will receive a notification. On the offer page, you will see the job description and the report on how well your profile matches the job requirements. You will need to indicate whether you are interested in the offer. If you are interested, the system will ask you to update the information you previously provided about yourself. This is necessary, in case your knowledge or skills in a particular area have changed or improved.

Just like with a self-application, after submitting the form with your data, you can start communicating with the employer through the built-in chat right away. However, the employer will not see your private information until you provide it.

If you feel comfortable during the conversation with the employer and are ready to proceed, click the “Open Your Contact Information” button, and the employer will see your full name and contact details.

#3 By using an AI algorithm

This is one of the unique features of DecisionWanted. Using an AI algorithm, the system can automatically match your profile to job postings and, if there is a complete match with the requirements, generate an offer automatically for both the candidate and the employer.

In this case, the process of receiving an offer is similar to the previous one, with one difference. You can only initiate communication with the employer if they are interested in your candidacy too.

Please note that the system will notify you as soon as relevant or partially relevant job postings that match your profile appear. A relevant job posting is one where your profile fully meets the minimum requirements and qualifications and aligns with your financial expectations. This will be a 100% match. You will only need to confirm your skills during the interview with the employer, and the job is almost guaranteed. You will be pleasantly surprised by how accurately the system can provide such opportunities.

A partially relevant job posting is one where your profile only partially meets the requirements. For example, if you indicated in your profile that you know Java and have seven years of work experience, and the job posting requires Java knowledge with five years of experience, everything is fine! However, if the employer also requires knowledge of Spring Boot at the Senior level with 4 years of experience, and you didn’t mention Spring Boot in your profile, the system will not immediately recommend this job posting. Instead, it will ask you about your knowledge of Spring Boot first.

Responding to the system notifications and providing information about the requested skills is crucial. It only takes up to two minutes, but it can save you a lot of time in the future by reducing communication with recruiters and protecting you from potential disappointments and rejections.

Do not be afraid to indicate that you don’t know something when specifying your skills. It is only to avoid receiving irrelevant job offers.

Do not hesitate! Go to the job catalog and start searching for your dream job! We wish you a successful search and a perfect find!

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