How does DecisionWanted work?

DecisionWanted is an automated IT job search system. The system finds perfect matches between job requirements and candidate profiles using AI-based algorithms.

When an employer posts a job, they specify the requirements for potential candidates. These requirements include various attributes such as location, time zone, citizenship, salary, and more. However, the most crucial aspect among them is the skills that successful candidates must possess.

Each skill has additional properties, including the minimum level, minimum experience, and weight or importance of the skill for a specific job. With this level of detail the system can precisely select candidates based on job requirements. Find out more here.

The candidates (job seekers) create their profiles in the system, specify their desired job criteria and most valuable skills.

While each person possesses numerous skills, it is not mandatory to declare all of them when creating a profile. Instead, focus on the core skills that best characterize you as a specialist. The system will prompt you to provide at least three main skills. Of course, the more skills you specify, the greater your chances of finding a perfect job.

During your interaction with the platform, the system’s algorithms will analyze your profile, compare it with employer requirements, and ask you to provide additional information to understand the better types of job opportunities to offer you.

By comparing the job requirements with candidate profiles, the system’s algorithms calculate the compatibility percentage between them. Not all skills declared by the employer in the job posting are mandatory for a successful candidate. The presence of some of these skills can be an additional advantage for you among other applicants. Therefore, in order for the system to consider your profile as a successful candidate for a particular job, you need to meet the minimum requirements for the job.

Once the system finds a complete match between the profile and the minimum job requirements, it automatically connects the candidate with the employer and provides an opportunity for private communication. Afterward, the candidate decides whether to share their personal information with the employer.

However, not all matches found by the system are 100% accurate. In the case of partial compatibility, the system calculates the necessary information that the user needs to add to their profile to better train the system in recommending relevant jobs.

Immediately after this, the candidate will receive a request from the system to update their profile with the suggested skills. By doing so, you are effectively continuously training your model (in machine learning terms), and the more you do it, the greater the chances that the system will soon notify you of your dream job. You won’t need to come up with additional skills to add to your profile; the system will automatically provide you with these forms. You only need to fill in the information for each skill once, and this data will serve you for years to come. Moreover, your DecisionWanted profile becomes your digital resume.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how accurate the job recommendations from the system are. The only thing left you’ll have to do is to validate your skills during the interview, and your dream job is yours.

Can I get an irrelevant proposition on the platform?

All propositions automatically generated by the system’s algorithms are fully compatible with the candidate’s profile and the minimum requirements of the job vacancy. However, both employers and candidates can propose or respond to job vacancies themselves. In such cases, an employer may overlook the absence of certain skills mentioned in the job requirements and still offer the vacancy to a candidate. A candidate can also express interest in a job vacancy even if they do not meet all the requirements (for example, they may lack a certain skill level). Find out more here.

All automatic propositions created by the system algorithms fully align with the minimum requirements of the job vacancy and the candidate’s profile.

For employers: information on how to publish job vacancies can be found here.

We invite you to join and forget about irrelevant job vacancies or candidate resumes.

The search for jobs in IT has never been more precise!


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